INTERPRETATION: The Key to Breaking Language Barriers

It’s not just an action; it’s an art. It’s about conveying the message, emotion, and intent behind each word. In a globalized world, where distances seem shorter thanks to technology, interpretation has become a vital instrument for communication.


Our Interpretation Services

We take pride in offering services in all modes of interpretation. Whether simultaneous, where the interpreter translates the message in real-time, or consecutive, where they wait for the speaker to finish before interpreting. Additionally, we provide liaison interpretation services, ideal for meetings and appointments requiring two-way dialogue, and remote interpretation, the perfect solution in this digital age for remote events or meetings.

We also provide all the necessary technical equipment ensuring clear transmission regardless of distance or the platform used.


Events and Video Conferences

With the growing trend of remote work and video conferences, we solve your communication challenges in various scenarios. From business video conferences, presentations, seminars to phone calls. Our real-time interpretation ensures your message is delivered clearly and accurately in any broadcasted event.

Simultaneous Interpretation

It's a true act of linguistic mastery. While a speaker talks, the interpreter translates the speech in real-time, without pauses, ensuring the message is conveyed without delay. This technique is widely used in large events like international conferences, webinars, and UN meetings, where participants require instant translation through headphones. Due to the cognitive demand of this type of interpretation, interpreters often work in pairs, rotating every 20-30 minutes, to ensure accurate translation and avoid fatigue.

Consecutive Interpretation

This refers to the process where the interpreter listens and takes notes while the original speaker speaks and then translates the speech segment after the speaker has finished. This mode is especially useful in environments where accuracy is essential and there is time for pauses, such as interviews, bilateral meetings, and press conferences. Additionally, it does not require specialized equipment, making it ideal for more intimate or spontaneous situations.

Liaison Interpretation

It is often the preferred choice for situations involving two-way or multilateral dialogues, such as negotiations, working meetings, or medical appointments. Instead of translating long speech segments, the interpreter facilitates communication between the parties by translating phrases or short segments almost immediately. This mode allows conversations to flow more naturally, facilitating mutual understanding between parties speaking different languages.


Interpretation is not just about translating words; it’s about building bridges between worlds, uniting voices and cultures in a harmonious chorus of global understanding.