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At Babel 2000, we can assist you. Ensure success in all languages in Translation and Interpretation. Discover our Certified and Legal Translation service. We have been translating since 1980 Over four decades of experience support us. We not only translate and interpret but have also trained many translators and over 300 simultaneous interpreters.

what we offer

Translation is not just our profession but also our passion. With over 40 years of experience, we have earned the loyalty of our clients thanks to our punctuality, transparent rates, and a rigorous revision process that we apply to each project. We are dedicated experts committed to excellence. We are experts committed to excellence.



As a great professional once said, "translators are the workhorses of culture." Translation bridges cultures in globalization. Meticulous adaptation is essential to preserve the essence and accuracy of the message in diverse contexts.


Transcription transforms audio and video into text, ensuring fidelity to the original. It is vital for accessibility, records, and analysis. It requires linguistic skill and meticulousness to capture registers, nuances, and contexts.


On-site and Remote Interpretation

Interpretation, crucial in international meetings and events, eliminates language barriers. The interpreter translates contexts, tones, and nuances, facilitating effective communication.



Subtitling enhances the accessibility of audiovisual content. It requires precision, rhythm, and coherence to convey the original message to global audiences, strengthening their connection.



Voiceover brings texts to life, conveying messages with emotion and tone. In digital and advertising media, an expert voice captures the listener's attention.


Event Organization

Communicative logistics at events are vital. Translation teams, sound systems, videoconferencing, and advanced technology ensure clear and professional transmissions at any gathering.

Other Services

Editorial Management

Specialized in multilingual editing, we transform texts into books, brochures, and manuals with linguistic precision. We ensure coherence and cultural adaptation in each editorial project.

Audio and Video Transcription

Our transcription service converts mono and multilingual audio and video into written text. With attention to detail, we guarantee linguistic and cultural fidelity for various media.

Event Hostesses

Our multilingual hostesses enhance your international event, facilitating interaction and linguistic assistance. They represent with elegance and professionalism, adapting to different cultures.

Equipment Rental

We offer specialized technical equipment for translation and interpretation events. We guarantee smooth communication with state-of-the-art technology, from interpretation booths to audio, video, and audioconference systems, recordings, television circuits, and much more.


Thank you very much for everything. The workshop was a great success. Thank you for your professionalism and good work, it is a pleasure to work with you.


In the 10 years that we have been working with Babel 2000 S.A. In the 10 years that we have been working with Babel 2000, S.A., there have not been any claims for the translations provided to us. It is a real relief to be able to rely on a company that provides such delicate services as cross-cultural communication.


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